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"I've hired Annapolis Dog Walkers to watch my two year old Lucy on multiple occasions. Each time, somehow, I come back to a happier cat than when I left her. Jen and Erin are the nicest, warmest, most trustworthy people I could hope to have watching over my little girl."     

Click on my picture, and I'll tell you all about me! We've got a bunch of great stories to tell!
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Boy am I good lookin! Hi, I'm Puppy, a black labrador. In this picture I must have been 4 or 5 months old. Now I'm a strapping, handsome and charming 3-year old gentleman who LOVES my runs with Annapolis Dog Walkers. I also love my doggie playdates because I love to hang out with all the cute girls!
My parents named me Panther when they took me in as a skinny stray looking for food. I've put on some weight since then, but I'm still a good looking cat, huh? I love when Jen and Erin come over to play. We always have a blast!
Hi, I'm Vanna, the beautiful blonde lab on the right hanging out with my good buddy, Puppy. Annapolis Dog Walkers is so cool because I get to see all of my friends when they're around. I also like long walks in the park and pawdicures.
Hey guys, it's me, Panther again. If only Erin and Jen were here...
Hi! I'm Roscoe - a super spunky 2 year old labradoodle. I wandered into my parent's house on Super Bowl Sunday 2 years ago, and now I'm a huge Ravens fan. I also love Annapolis Dog Walkers because I get all of my energy out during the week and then crash on football sunday! Life is good.
It's the gang at our playdate! We've been working on our commands with Annapolis Dog Walkers, and we're so proud of our syncronized skills. Check us out!
Howdy! It's Seneca and Geronimo here at our playdate. We're lookin' to lasso in some new friends....wanna play?
Lucy's my name, and my daddy tells me I'm beautiful. I'm only 2 years old and an only child, so I'm pretty spoiled! I love when daddy goes out of town, because Annapolis Dog Walkers come over and play my favorite game with me -- laser tag!
I'm Foxy, a gorgeous labrador retriever who loves to fish! On my pier at home, I have special lights so I can watch the fish swim at night. I also love when Mommy and Daddy go away and Annapolis Dog Walkers watch me. We go on special trips downtown and on long walks around the neighborhood!
Hello Friends! When I'm not lounging around in my nice clothes, I like to put on my play clothes and get down and dirty with Annapolis Dog Walkers.
Bzzzz. I'm Hercules, a 7 year old bicon, and I love to play ball. I would fetch all day and night if I could. Annapolis Dog Walkers makes sure that I get plenty of attention and ball practice.
Hi folks, I'm Ginger, an 11-year old mixed breed. My parents got me from the spca because they love animals. So does Annapolis Dog Walkers. When they come to see me, we go for power dog walks because I'm working on my figure. Gotta stay in shape for the summer.
Prrrr. I'm Kaya, a sunbathing beauty. Some may call it lazy, but I call it beauty rest. I like to get plenty of rest so when Annapolis Dog Walkers come, I'm prrrfectly ready for them.
It's me, Puppy again. If you have a dog or cat that would like to join us, simply call Annapolis Dog Walkers at 410-746-3214. Trust me, your furry friend will thank you.
zzzzz.  Copper and Champ here, two of the best cuddlers this side of town. We've spent most of the day outside with Annapolis Dog Walkers, and now it's time to crash! We always get a good night's sleep when Annapolis Dog Walkers is here!
"Annapolis Dog Walkers has been a Godsend! My 2 year old Labradoodle just loves his play dates and it has really calmed his energy level in the evenings. I've tried other services before, but Annapolis Dog Walkers is the most reliable in the area. Their passion for their job really shows!" 

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Ryan David, Owner of Lucy
Morgan Donaldson, Owner of Roscoe
Client Testimonials
Bailey, 9-year old Mixed Breed
"Jen is my next door neighbor and has two pups. I like to enthusiastically greet them each day. She treats me nice and
will give me a treat if I behave myself. I definitely give her a 'high paw' for taking care of me if I need some company or any
other of my four legged friends." Bow WOW!